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"but i promise you somewhere in your life is that one fleck of dust that can help start you on the road back. that’s all it takes."
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Garnier Anit-Sun Damage Dail Moisturizer TV Commercial Featuring Kate Walsh

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I was constantly, always and forever, trying to perform the musical ‘Annie’ for anyone who would listen, and I have a terrible singing voice. It was the first thing that made me think I wanted to be an actress. - Sarah Paulson

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Laverne Cox attends the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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"You were beautiful, m y   t i n y   c h i l d, wrapped tightly in my arms, close to my heart. I listened to you breathing. I counted your fingers and your toes. Helpless, you cried out to me and I loved you with every ounce of my soul.”

“I really dislike watching myself on screen. I am very insecure about my acting. We are our own biggest critics. I have to sit in another room to my parents when they watch it, they love it.”

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Mellie Grant Text Posts

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“I was just running around with my crazy curly hair, and all the rich girls made fun of me because they said I didn’t brush my hair enough.” - Natasha (on being bullied in school)
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