emilia. 19. finland.
i scream at my laptop a lot. i care about actresses and fictional people.
currently watching that dumb show scandal.
"but i promise you somewhere in your life is that one fleck of dust that can help start you on the road back. that’s all it takes."
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Yellow - Multifandom


Orange Is The New Black, 12 Emmy Nominations
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[Adam] is really generous and kind and like a real pro. And by “pro” I mean prostitute. He’s such a wonderful, kind, and funny male prostitute.

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I plan on being friends with these motherfuckers until we’re dust in the ground.

but I won’t feel blue like I always do ‘cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you;

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Lana Parrilla being her perfect self for Regard Magazine [x]

Tatiana Maslany attends Critics’ Choice Awards 2014

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